Eclipse Day China


2013629日在北京举行的Eclipse Day China 是在Eclipse Foundation支持下在中国举办的一次免费的面向在中国开发人员和Eclipse爱好者的活动。活动中,众多来自行业领先企业的中外专家及资深开发人员将与您分享Eclipse开源项目中的经验,Eclipse演示,并与大家探讨Eclipse相关的技术问题。此次活动也将是一次Eclipse爱好者交流的机会和平台。



  • 开场致辞

  • 主题演讲

  • 分论坛1: Hackathon run in parallel 主题和编程马拉松

  • 分论坛2: Eclipse深层技术探讨

  • 最佳主持人和最佳内容奖

  • 结束


  • Eclipse organization, membersand projects (中文)| Eclipse组织和项目介绍

  • Eclipse VJET (中文)

  • Open source story Nodeclipse | Eclipse开发Node.js (中文) by 高洋或者Lamb from 用友汽车

  • "Modeling and Programminggoing hand in hand with UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE" by ManuelBork, Yatta Solutions

  • Eclipse Java IDE Tips andTricks (How to work more effectively) by Rabea Gransberger (30-60min)

  • "Eclipse 4 ProgrammingModel" (中文) by Jin Mingjian

  • Eclipse eTrice by Thomas Schuetz (15-60min)

  • Implementing complex graphicaleditors with model-driven technologies | 使用模型驱动技术实现图形编辑器 by Andreas Graf (戈安迪),

  • Internal DSLs with Xtend, byKarsten Thoms and Moritz Eysholdt,

  • JRebel plugin for Eclipse byAnton Arhipov,

  • "Implementing MobileBusiness Applications with Eclipse Scout", by Matthias Zimmermann, BSIBusiness Systems Integration AG (15-20min)

  • Eclipse ADT (AndroidDevelopment Tools) by 杨光福 (notconfirmed)

  • Big Data by Cedric Carbone, CTOTalend

  • How to use Eclipse to write anddebug Groovy scripts on a live web application, Giampiero GranatellaManyDesigns

  • Using the Eclipse JavaDevelopment Tools (JDT) to analyze source code by Trent Hoeppner, IBM China

  • BIRT on Eclipse, (中文) by Julie Liu, Actuate Software (China)

  • Best Practice: How to Build A BI Application with BIRT, (中文) by HuanjinLiu, Actuate Software (China)

  • Eclipse Momentics IDE to createawesome BlackBerry mobile apps by Ekkehard Gentz (20min) IndependentSoftwareArchitect, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. BlackBerry Elite.

  • Maven Integration in Eclipseoverview (m2e/m2e-wtp) by Fred Bricon, Red Hat, Inc.